Philippe Tyberghien

Portrait animalier en costume


Give a touch of lightness to your interior. This collection of feathered portraits pays homage to the beauty and great classics of painting. The effects of patina and varnish cracked by time give authenticity and character to each of the works. In this collection, parrots, peacocks and other birds evolve in a precious and luxurious universe.


Back to basics for the creator of Star Animal, Flanders, his magnificent and discreet “country” which saw the birth of the greatest painters: Rembrandt, Antoine van Dyck, Jan van Eyck or even Jacob Jordaens… With this collection, give a « museum » touch to your interior with its light/dark and cracked patina effects giving authenticity and a particular character to each of the works.

Hares, rabbits and young rabbits pose delicately in this gallery of gentle portraits. Like a caress, these portraits bring softness and warmth to your interior.


Farm and country animals are in the spotlight in this collection: horses, goats and goats, oxen or pigs are sublimated and their personalities brought to the fore.

Discover the enchanting animals of our woods and forests: deer, doe, fox, rabbit or weasel… Majestic, each portrait is a walk in complete freedom in these large wooded spaces which keep all their secrets.

Mirror of life, the monkey is so close to man: gestures, behaviors, postures… they look so much like us! Dressed up and dolled up, they slip into their costumes as elegantly as the grand premiere of a Viennese ball.

The prestige of the uniform. Impeccable, the military portrait is simply beautiful. The models in this collection will give each animal an incomparable look and elegance. On the decorative side, the portrait in uniform is at ease in all interiors, modern or classic. It is unavoidable.

Ultra contemporary, this collection rejuvenates the art of animal portraiture. Animals pose Photo Booth style: no backdrops, just your pet asserting its true personality in casual, often unisex and unapologetic attire. The « Urban Jungle » collection fits superbly into today’s interiors.

The portraits are sold unframed.