the artist


Philippe TYBERGHIEN is a French- Belgian artist and designer.

Born in 1967, he studied architecture and art history. He began his professional career in an architects cabinet and also works in the aera of interior decoration and furnishing by proposing his own creations to well-known editors (Steiner, Konstantin SLAWINSKI, Alaxa …).


In parallel, he continued a more personal work mixing graphics and photography. Passionate about the animal world, he created a first series of anthropomorphic portraits in 2007.

From this first series, several collections were born which are expanded and renewed regularly. In each of them the animal remains the main subject and the pretext for a « mirror game » between the real world and an imaginary world where everything is possible.

Since 2009, he proposes to his international clientele (private and professional) his sharp and original achievements through meetings, exhibitions and on his site.


His work is an extension of a long tradition of dialogue between man and animal. Anthropomorphic characters have long since taken their nobility in painting, sculpture and decoration where man has always loved to sing or simulate the animal in its likeness. Cinema and animation have also seized the phenomenon by seducing the smallest and the biggest. Walt Disney made it its leitmotiv.

The artist has chosen a photograph that he knows well and mixes differents techniques to offer authentic works, close to the aspect of old painting, patinated by time working on the effects of color and light that allows the composition digital and photo editing.

Unlike painting, the use of photographic technique offers a more realistic rendering of the animal and its expression. Nothing escapes the objective: all details are captured with the finest precision and faithfully restored the identity and character of the subject.


The works are entrusted to the best photo labs to offer reproductions of the highest quality possible on the finest papers and printed with latest generation inks guaranteeing a extensive warranty in time and brightless.

All the works are customizable with the animal of his choice. Thus you can acquire an original composition according to your needs, your tastes and your constraints. These personalized creations are made on estimate.


By passion for animals, he collaborate with the animal welfare authorities. He created several campaigns for the Brigitte BARDOT foundation in favor of animal rights and against the exploitation of fur.